Welcome to the Concrete Remedial Systems website

As our name implies, our business is concrete repairs.

The main defects we deal with include:

  • Waterproofing: Ingress of water into basements, lift pits, through roofs or tunnels due to failed waterproofing or badly placed concrete;
  • Spalling of concrete due to reinforcement corrosion: Damage caused by carbonation, ASR, thaumasite or chlorides especially in structures subject to sea-spray or the use of de-icing salts;
  • Durability: In extreme temperature conditions making the concrete prone to freeze/thaw damage or where there is low cover to steel or the concrete is subject to abrasion;
  • Coatings: To protect the concrete from naturally occurring aggressive substances, eg in waste water treatment plants, or in chemical and industrial plants; and
  • Structural repairs: Reinstatement of concrete to its monolithic state.

Project Examples

The work we carry out to resolve these problems includes:

  • Crack injection;
  • Epoxy and engineering coatings;
  • Anti-carbonation coatings;
  • Application of corrosion inhibitors such as MCI;
  • Concrete movement joint installation and replacement;
  • Sealing of service penetrations; and
  • Dynamic load grouting, eg jet-engine test pads or printing presses.