Failing concrete is a major cause for concern whether part of a building’s foundation, support structures, exterior walls or basement floors. Cracking can indicate more serious issues with the structure’s integrity and if the concrete is susceptible to water retention, it can also exacerbate to the point of collapse. That is why the moment you notice any cracks at your property, you need to address the issue and work on ways to prevent further problems affecting the structural integrity of the building.

Assessing the level of damage isn’t always straight-forward. There are many different factors at play when it comes to concrete deterioration. While over time, concrete undergoes corrosion, mitigating issues such as leakages and water retention weaken concrete substantially. On top of repairing cracks, we also may need to seal voids in joints and coat the concrete to better shield the structure from further damage.

What causes cracks in concrete?

One of the major causes is down to error. If there is poor compaction during placement, the concrete will cure with air bubbles. Concrete should be vibrated while being poured to remove these bubbles so that it can cure correctly.

If the concrete hasn’t been reinforced properly, it will flex and move over time. This leads to cracks and broken seals which leads to further damage as water could enter the structure and worsen the problem.

Premature drying or rapid drying results in surface tension build up, and this propagates as cracks at the surface. The occurrence, direction and size can vary greatly depending on weather conditions at the time of placement. Ambient temperature, relative humidity and wind speed are all factors either on their own or in combination.

If the concrete hasn’t been cured properly, it will be more susceptible to natural corrosion and instability. While we get numerous customers who have never cured concrete and never experienced cracks, there may still be fine cracks in the concrete. Micro cracks are just as much of a problem and they are invisible to the naked eye.

Can you repair concrete yourself?

Epoxy resins and mortar mixes are readily available at hardware and builders’ merchants around the country. If you wish to tackle repairs yourself, it’s certainly doable. However, concrete repairs should be carried out by professionals who can guarantee a job finished to an exceptional standard.

To properly repair cracked concrete, you need to chisel away the crumbling and cracked concrete. Once you reach structurally sound concrete, the area needs to be cleared of debris and dust. A bonding agent then is necessary for the mortar mix to create a strong, lasting bond to the concrete. The mix can then be added and smoothed over to a nice finish. You will need to keep the area moist as it cures so will need to cover so it doesn’t dry prematurely.

The main issue with doing the repairs yourself is down to safety. You will need to wear a mask to protect yourself against the fine concrete dust. We always assess our jobs as we have experience in the correct health and safety regulations. We also adhere to regulations set by the industry to ensure the job is finished correctly. We avoid the errors that many people make while setting concrete. Inexperienced repair work could also make the problem worse. It takes a fair amount of skill when injecting cracks as it involves selecting the locations to inject, the angle that you drill into the crack and using the correct material.


Saves money
Dangerous if inexperienced

Problem is addressed sooner

Learn a new skill

Fixing superficial cracks prevents further corrosion
Amateur work could make the problem worse

No guarantee

Four reasons why you should hire a professional for concrete repairs

At Concrete Remedial Systems, our team of specialists have over 35 years of industry experience. We address failing concrete, carrying out repairs for large scale builds and managing the inspection, treatment and protection of concrete for commercial and domestic properties. We repair structures both in public and private use, ensuring the further longevity of concrete.

1. Convenience

It’s our priority to reduce disruption while we repair and protect concrete structures. We take the job off your hands and will schedule our work so we limit any impact our presence has on your business and productivity. When we come to put together our project plan, we will carefully structure our tasks to suit you. Unfortunately, one thing we can’t control is the weather but we make sure we remain flexible to get the job done as efficiently and successfully as possible.

2. Health and Safety

All work is carried out down to the proper health and safety regulations. We risk assess our jobs for both our team and yours, making sure our working environment is perfectly safe every step of the way. We improve the safety and security of previously unstable and dangerous structures, removing risk of collapse and reinforcing structures that were otherwise in danger of cracking and destabilising.

3. Quality insurance

All work is completed to a high, professional standard. We are accredited as professional concrete specialists, following our industry authority body’s regulations that all concrete specialists must follow. Using our services gives you the guaranteed peace of mind that your restored concrete structures will last. We include maintenance and a 10 year warranty for any repairs, further protecting your concrete from cracks and voids.

4. Prevention and protection

At Concrete Remedial Systems, we put a lot of focus on prevention as well as cure. We offer specialist coatings that protect exterior structures from water transmission, creating a waterproof layer that protects against natural corrosion. We also carry out joint seals to further waterproof to keep leaks at bay. Such measures protect you from more costly repair work in the future.

Contact us for an estimate

We quote each job individually as no repair project is the same. We can provide you with an estimate and arrange for a site visit to provide a more accurate quote on the cost of the work as well as time scales. It’s not always a straight-forward quote as inspections may reveal unseen issues that need repairing. We’ll always be upfront with our costs and will always remain in contact during every stage of the project.

If you have any questions about our services and would like to receive a quote, feel free to contact our team on 01293 447881 or contact us using our online contact form here.

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